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To: American Jewish Children -- Subject: The World is Thus

JCC Bomb Scare this year

Bomb threats to JCC Institutions

For many of us Jews in America today, our children are beginning to experience their first taste of antisemitism due to multiple Jewish Community Center (JCC) bomb threats. My question is, why has this education taken so long? Our brothers and sisters in Israel are under constant threat of violence and terrorism simply because they are Jewish. They must undergo countless bomb drills and run for cover when incoming rocket fire is being launched at their homes and towns. American Jews are finally beginning to experience what many people and nations openly foster; violent Jew-hatred. Until our children are brought up knowing this connection we will always be on the defensive or in altogether denial.

Use this time to educate our children of our struggles, our history of persecution in our own land, Israel, and elsewhere around the world. Tell them they will always be persecuted for who they are. And because of that we are stronger when we are united against the bigotry that has followed us for millenniums. It is time to pick a side. Become a Zionist. Recognize the fear that you are experiencing and overcome it. There is hope! Millions of Jews are living in Israel in a productive and happy culture in spite of their neighbors who would openly attack, or destroy them. We must do the same. We must find unity in each other and nurture a better world through solidarity, strength and moral values. I call American Jews to unite, become stronger because of the anti-semetisim. Pick a side and embrace your Jewish brothers and sisters, and find out what it truly means to be a Zionist.

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